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The first mobile telecommunications company in Iraq


Asiacell is a leading provider of quality mobile telecommunications services in Iraq, with over10 million subscribers. Asiacell was the first mobile telecommunications provider in Iraq to achieve nationwide coverage, offering its services across all of Iraq’s 18 governorates including the national capital Baghdad and all other major Iraqi cities. Asiacell’s network covers 97% of the Iraqi population, making Asiacell’s national coverage the most extensive of any Iraqi mobile telecommunications operator.

In 2012, Asiacell was recognized by the French market research firm Altai as being Iraq’s leading brand – not only in the mobile telecommunications market but across all industry sectors – a reflection of Asiacell’s strong brand recognition and its established reputation for quality, reliability and service.

In 2011, the Iraqi Ministry of Communications (MOC) recognized Asiacell as the “best GSM operator” in Iraq.